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Advice For Travellers

What happens if I am ill or injure myself whilst travelling?

Medical expenses – if you should require medical attention overseas you will be charged for any treatment received and these charges can run into thousands of pounds. With the appropriate Rock Insurance insurance policy you will be required to pay a small excess (your excess can be removed by purchasing an excess waiver) towards the total cost of your medical expenses but the balance will be met by your policy. No Policy Excess will apply under Sections 2 or 3 when you receive inpatient treatment at a state hospital within the EU if You have used the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) to effectively reduce the cost of Your treatment.

Our travel insurance policies offer cover for emergency assistance services and any additional travel or accommodation expenses incurred through illness.

Medical expenses - If you have an accident or you are injured during your Trip, you will be covered for medical expenses up to £3,000,000 with Economy policies, £5,000,000 with Standard policies and £10,000,000 with Premier policies.

We would advise that you obtain an EHIC form at the Post Office to ensure you receive reciprocal health service care within the EU. However you should be aware that very few EU countries will offer free treatment so you should ensure you have insurance to pay the balance.

To comply with the terms and conditions of the policy you must obtain authorisation from the insurance company before incurring any expenses over £500, except in case of emergency. In case of emergency, if you are physically unable from contacting the insurance company immediately, you or someone designated by you must contact the insurance company within 48 hours.

Always retain any receipts for medical treatment or prescriptions to support your claim.

Hospital benefit – If you should be admitted to hospital during your trip you will be compensated up to £25 per day up to a maximum of £1,000 for Premier policy holders.

Please refer to your travel insurance policy to see the full terms and conditions of the policy. Medical expenses are detailed in section 2 and Hospital benefit is section 5 of your travel insurance policy. For more information on travel insurance call us on 0844 482 0660.

All claims are always subject to the terms and conditions of your policy.

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